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Exclusive collection of Metal Door Fittings such as Door Locks, Brass Window Stay, Brass Door Closers and Door Handles that look elegant and assure safety.

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About Us

Securing one’s property and assets is a concern for every individual especially property owners. Having reliable door locks and other door accessories in the home and other living places could help in securing the property. To provide safe and secure door safety we, Veena Polymers, established in the year of 1983, present a wide range of Door Accessories & Metal Door Fittings. Being a prominent Manufacturer and Supplier, we deliver high-quality products in the market. Our production list includes Aluminum Door Handles, Main Door Handles, Automotive Door Locks, Brass Window Stay,Brass Door Closers and other door accessories & Metal Door Fittings. These door accessories, we fabricate, are designed with exact specification according to customer demand and requirements. These products are extensively used in homes, workplaces, hotels, restaurant, residences and different commercial complexes. The products offered by us are simple in architecture and can be easily operated by the users. Our reputed firm strives to deliver a high-quality array of door accessories in an affordable price range which can be easily accessible by all category of users. We work with the assistance of expertise management to tackle concern issue at the time question. Our company’s mission statement is a description of the core values of our business, which is responsible to create a positive corporate culture.

5 Reasons For Being At The Top 

Being at the top is not our vision but it’s the reflection of high rated outcomes we provide at the corner of business we are involved in. Some of the major characteristics include following: 
  • Superior Quality - The range of end products is of finest quality which includes reliability and durability and is liable for a long span of time with low maintenance and service requirements.
  • Advanced Technology - Products manufactured by our production team are based on advanced technologies which provide assurance of ease of operation and versatility in an affordable price range.
  • High Rate Customer Service - Our skilled team members strive to offer first rated customer services in the term of quality, fabrication and on time delivery of orders.
  • Competitive Analysis - We gather comprehensive analysis of the activities of the competition in the concern which make us stand among first rankers.
  • Core Values - Basic core values of our organization help us to achieve positive work culture in aspects of the business.

Our Shared Culture

At Veena Polymers, we promise to offer quality range of end products with affordable price list inclusive of listed key facts:
  • We describe commitments and we put our best to honour those commitments through our actions and plans.
  • We constantly learn, adapt and move forward.
  • We know how to recognize our strengths, express ourselves and celebrate our success.
  • We believe in simplicity and straightforwardness to solve problems without delay.

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